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Yeah, I remember that Quartz was far more advanced than X. My favorite at the time, e16, never supported translucency or transparency very well. But I love that it tried.

It's probably nostalgia talking, but I miss the gnarly desktops that used to be so common.






I remember when Hulu came out in 2009, the default reaction from the community was to release python scripts that auto-ripped it and piped the video into mplayer. Today, the reaction is to compromise our OS by supporting Widevine DRM or some other nonsense.

It probably did more to advocate for Linux when we weren't afraid to be different, or break the rules for the user.

Maybe it's egotistical, but this used to be the experience of using a Linux laptop ten years ago: https://xkcd.com/272/

Linux actually felt more capable than Windows in a lot of ways, except maybe some hardware support.

Today, it is: Oh, you're using Linux because you couldn't afford a Windows license, right? Linux is to Windows as OpenOffice is to Microsoft Office?

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