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Who is this for? Is the goal to enable people who don't know what they're doing at all to make applications?

Maybe at a glance that is a laudable goal, but surely there is a point where, if you need so much handholding, you should consider either sitting down and learning what you need or making someone else is build it for you.

Newbies? I guess that is possible, but I personally think that actually learning to use your tools and the libraries that are available should be the goal. Handing the control of everything to some 3rd party component is eventually going to leave the beginner with issues they have no way of solving because they've never had to learn anything.

There's a lot of value in removing all the plumbing you typically find at the start of node project to handle basic things like routing. I'm a big fan of moving all that "outside" the app

This might seem silly if all you're use to is working on some startup's big app with a dozen other people, but for small orgs that need to run small programs for a long time it's a mess to maintain that stuff over the long term and to count on lone coders in small engagements to get right.

> Handing the control of everything to some 3rd party component

In the cases I describe, this ^^ is a great idea. Keeps maintenance of the common stuff in a common place. Everyone freaked out in this thread about there being a way to get at files outside the project root. Well the author fixed that in one place and now it's fixed for everyone. How many times does an error like that come up and go undetected and uncorrected when even an experienced node coder has to copy pasta so much stock plumbing for the 1000th time to spin up a small service for a small org?

Prototyping, hobbyists, people who host a site about cats and don't need 1000 extra lbs of server side weight. Spinning up a simple API to learn a new client side library. Anywhere that tooling and configuration is getting in the way of someone learning something new. Seems perfect for some uses.

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