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I'll get right on using this the instant I want to bombard my users with 20 recommendations for a product they already own. Is there a bit of a lack of knowledge of how their recommendation system is perceived by the general public or is this something more interesting/explicable by corporate politics?

I haven't worked at Amazon for several years, but back when I was still there, there was a massive drive to find existing technologies which could be turned into AWS services - I guess part of trying to sell the AWS ecosystem as a uniquely full-featured package of services.

I worked with Amazon recs on one of my teams. We all complained about how inane the recommendations could be on a regular basis. So I doubt it's a perception issue.

I have the same thing, but I rarely use these webshops; don't the recommendations diversify if your shopping behaviour diversifies? I mean if you only order a pack of AA batteries directly as mentioned in another thread, the system only has that to go on.

Of course, they could opt to not show recommendations due to a lack of data or pad it with what's currently popular with other customers.

I mean, I'd imagine that for some products (say, movies) more of the same might be a viable strategy.

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