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So I work for a distributor, and we've been discussing improving our up and cross sell abilities, due to the nature of our customer and product many of the products we distribute are deliberately not sold on Amazon, by and large I feel my company could use this without fear.

Are the products immune to being cloned and white-labelled by Amazon?

So our highest revenue product Amazon interestingly enough is already our biggest customer on, but the vendor refuses to go direct with Amazon and prefer we are the middle man. We have huge exposure here, but Amazon already has their recommenr dialed on this product so I wouldn't really care about them having a marginal amount of more info on it.

The rest of the product is largely under MAP policies excluding Amazon, and the products take a level of care and branding a bit more than Amazon's typical white label products. So, could they, yes, but we have plenty of bigger operational risks

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