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Yes, writting an express backend is really simple, some plugins, error-handling etc. and you can run it in less than 1 hour.

But the Frontend with webpack needs definitely more time, hours and hours to fiddle webpack to your needs. This project has a definded strucutre and support defined modules (react), so it could save you a lot of webpack config time, but you can not do everything with it. You have to use it as it is.

Setting up Webpack isn't even the time-consuming part, in my experience - it's getting the back-end and front-end to work together and having a comfortable development environment in which both live reload.


Only get them running is a thing of 2 minutes, but running with comfort and fit your needs is the hard part.

Lol, if the setup on the FE takes hours to fiddle something is wrong with the choice of tooling. I don't use webpack, so I guess I am just spoiled?

The alternative is using parcel. Zero is a server equivalent to Parcel (and uses parcel internally)

You never use it, or?

It is nothing wrong with the tool, the tool does what it does. I sayd to configure it, to fit exactly your needs, it take a long time.

Using an other tool will not change it.

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