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I don't disagree that this doesn't seem necessarily secure and the auto dependency resolution is a bad idea for other reasons in my opinion, but I don't see the security aspect of it.

The moment I can upload files to the application folder that are executed, I can just `require('child_process').spawn("my_evil_stuff", [])`. In particular "my_evil_stuff" could be some npm install command. I don't see how automatically installing the dependencies makes this worse than it already is.

EDIT: While this is a different attack vector than I was envisioning here, jexco has provided a scenario in which there are additional vulnerabilities: Vulnerable dependencies that cannot be managed.

Where is the management of requirements? How do you force LTS versions? Or roll back if a version has a vulnerability? When things are automatic you are unable to stop bad things from happening.

Not that I was going to say this is a good idea in the first place, but rolling back vulnerable dependencies is an excellent point that I hadn't thought of. Thanks!

Well, for one giving the app the kinds of write permissions needed for this to work is not exactly ideal.

So the app would need write permissions to its own folder. That's obviously a bad idea in a production deployment. I guess I was thinking that the dependencies would be installed during a privileged one-time "deployment run" so you wouldn't need the permissions after. Maybe I'm giving the thing too much credit.

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