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Spinning Up in Deep RL – Workshop Review (openai.com)
35 points by tzhenghao 55 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Is there any centralized place to find out about workshops like this before they happen?

Hi! Keep an eye on our blog and twitter accounts. We announced this workshop back in November (in the original blog post for Spinning Up, located here: https://blog.openai.com/spinning-up-in-deep-rl/), and tweeted about a deadline extension for the workshop back in December.

We are still picking a date for the second workshop, and will announce it as soon as we can (and with a reasonable amount of lead time).


They tend to post about a week out on Twitter.

Not helpful. I'm a government scientist. I need thirty days. I would imagine a lot of corporate travel offices couldn't make a trip like that happen in a week either. Not to mention the long odds that someone's calendar would happen to be open on the right days with short notice.

You asked so I gave you what I had :)

I understand that. They do also tend to livestream the workshops, which is not the same as being there, but better than nothing. I imagine if you tweeted at them / emailed them they might start to understand that proactive communication is a better approach

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