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How does this compare to vagrant?

One big difference is that (afaik) people aren't putting vagrant images into production, it's for local development.

sure they do. you are totally wrong. they just shouldn’t

In addition to the point others have raised that Vagrant is not designed to be used in production, Vagrant is a lot more stateful than Docker (long-lived VMs) so you can easily run “apt-get update && apt-get upgrade” or equivalent. Potentially from the Vagrantfile to make sure rebuilds get the updates as well.

you are totally wrong i know plenty of people who do. i also know people who think docker shouldn’t be used in production and that we should use containerd just like vagrant/packer

It's kind of apples and oranges. Vagrant can used different container and vm runtimes as the runtime ("provider" in vagrant language). It's a configuration engine. So there is no single image format for Vagrant, and you might use kvm or LXD or VMware or Docker as your Vagrant provider.

same with containers. plenty of backends

Do people use vagrant in production?

One hopes not, though they kinda do support it:


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