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What's the licensing status for these images?

The slide at https://www.redhat.com/files/summit/session-assets/2017/LT12... says that the License will be displayed on the Get Image page.

This page says (for the NodeJS image)

"Before downloading or using this Certified Container, you must agree to both the Red Hat subscription agreement located at redhat.com/licenses and the Red Hat Connect Certified Container Partner’s terms which are referenced by URL in the Partner’s product description and/or included in the Certified Container. If you do not agree with these terms, do not download or use the Certified Container. If you have an existing Red Hat Enterprise Agreement (or other negotiated agreement with Red Hat) with terms that govern subscription services associated with Certified Containers, then your existing agreement will control."

So I can't tell from this if you need a RHEL subscription or not to use the docker images? I guess the most salient question will be can the images yum install things or not? I'm guessing they will have that functionality without requiring a subscription but that's just speculation based on my reading of that blurb.

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