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As others have said before, I think this is amazing for small one offs and maybe for beginning programmers. I'm afraid that, like all frameworks, people will start to misuse it eventually. Someone will make a little app with that, because it's so fast, simple and amazing, right? Later, however, the app will grow and it will become a maintainability nightmare. The only good thing about it is that you can easily get out of this framework and migrate to managing express/node/react yourself, or so it seems. It isn't like rails, where if you get into it, your app is so highly coupled to it that any escaping is impossible, even if your app becomes very complex.

Escaping and writing a custom node+express+React SSR server for a zero-based app should be easy. But zero isn't a 'platform' anyway. It's just an abstraction on common config and some glue code, all open-source so you can easily fork and improve.

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