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Is there any way to "ignore" specific files or directories? For example, I want to reuse React components across different routes (exposed as jsx files). However, I don't want `mysite.com/components/Container` to be a valid endpoint.

Yes. It's not written in docs yet but any file or folder starting with _ (underscore) is not exposed publicly. This feature spec is still open for discussion as on how to tackle it the best.

seems like doing something like Next.js might be a better choice, aka have a main folder that exposes publicly accessible files, instead of having to add _ to each folders that should be private (it seems to me most folder/files would be private and not the other way around)

Check my reply to this comment. The underscore idea was one of the first things to come to mind too, but I think having a specific file makes it clear to others who might not understand Zero internals.

You are right. A .zeroignore file seems like a good idea.

Would that not count as a configuration file though?

You can still configure zero conf frameworks, it's just not explicitly required for it to function

Here we go. Zero conf :-)

I would propose adding support for a 'zeroignore' file to handle this. :)

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