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My first thought is it doesn't have enough features or too much magic BUT that is EXACTLY why it shines. I'm not going to build the next FAANG company on this but it will let me get a backend up and running VERY quickly to test out an idea. The number of ideas of mine that have been killed in the cradle by decision paralysis is higher than I would like...

It actually has a ton of magic. This is what's acting as the initial package.json:


Custom file watcher: https://github.com/remoteinterview/zero/blob/72ea1faaef51b92...

Routing / workers: https://github.com/remoteinterview/zero/blob/72ea1faaef51b92...

Dependencies for using the react renderer: https://github.com/remoteinterview/zero/blob/72ea1faaef51b92...

And so on. The routing part is a bit funny - by spawning a new process per request this is actually very close to PHP/CGI :)

Exactly this. One of the aims to start this project was to reduce one more friction when testing an idea. Project configurations and set up is a big time suck.

Thank you for creating this! I often find I had an idea and then spend 1-2 hours doing NOTHING towards the idea trying to future-proof what I'm writing to the max. That is a trait of mine I need to work on by itself but "zero" should help let convince me to "just try it with zero before you setup TypeScript/Angular/Vue/React/Cordova/Express/etc...". I saw your other comment about making it Apache/PHP level easy and as someone who came from that background and when I first saw a query param displayed in the response from the web (ie: localhost?name=Josh -> Hello Josh!) I was hooked (you can imagine my reaction when I learned what a database was ).

In that vein do you think TypeScript is on the horizon for support? It's not a dealbreaker by any means but it would be nice to just write .ts files and have them automatically compiled (transpiled?). I can write JS just fine but TS's types are a nice sanity check for me.

Thanks! I will def move .ts up the list. It should be easy to add.

Great work, if you need any help with it just add requestes on github and tag as help needed.

I just added typescript support. Check it out!

the project's philsophy seems to be "use a bundler that works and don't reinvent it" so I bet adding a TS bundler would be a possibility, that'd be awesome

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