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This is exactly what I needed. However with great abstraction comes great responsibility: you are now the gatekeepers of keeping things efficient in the backend. If I write "require('moment')", will you blindly require, or will you require, tree-shake, minify, etc?

I guess my question is: can I trust Zero to always strive for optimum efficiency, or is it just convenience?

If your requirements include "optimum efficiency", you almost certainly are not in the sweet spot for a general purpose zero configuration product.

I guess optimum/optimal efficiency is a lot to ask for, of anyone, let alone a convention over configuration framework, but you get my point!

I think that's a valid concern. We can certainly optimize and enable tree-shaking (zero uses Parcel to bundle React and HTML). The idea is to implement common optimizations so users don't have to. But also to provide enough escape hatches so advanced users can 'eject' and fine-tune themselves.

Yes please do, I just have a pet peeve against npm modules requiring mb's of files to only use a couple functions. Knowing that Zero does tree-shaking and general optimizations for me will make me happily use for most of my projects!

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