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I haven't read the article (yes, I know, sorry), but the headline reminded me of a donut shop here in Houston.

I don't know if the sign is intentionally this way, or if the middle letter of the first word in the name fell off, leaving behind the short, horizontal mount point, but either way it amuses emacs folks a lot, because it appears to say:

M-x Donuts

Who among us hasn't wanted, at least once, to invoke that mode?

The very one. It's on the northwest side of the city. This is funny to longtime Houstonian nerds, because that's the area where Compaq was, and where Digital was, and which is now HP I think. (?)

Thanks for sharing! Unfortunately Emacs came into my life after I grew up and left Houston, but if I ever find myself up 249 while on a visit I'll be sure to stop in.

When I was a child, we would always drive past a particular convenience store on our way to my grandmother's house. At some point in history, it must have been called "Self Service Mart," but the first S had long since fallen off. I loved imagining what the staff were like. It's probably for the best that we never went inside.

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