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Every time I have to use the slow windows computers at the college I teach at I wish they would put a lightweight linux on them. I wouldn't go full command line but all I'm doing is a browser and word processing. A chromeos-like experience would be fine. Of course what really kills my work computer is the anti-virus. I f I could just disable that then the computer would be a lot more usable.

I was super happy when about 10 years ago I went to the local public library near my parent's house and they had installed Linux onto their card-catalog workstations. I hope it worked out for them. I know it was more likely to perform better than another OS on the same hardware.

Can you just boot off a live USB? I used to do that on lab computers at my university.

I was doing that for a couple months but the tech guy detected it and told me not to do it...

Your university has a more paranoid or more competent IT department than mine did.

I think a lot of places are finding that for them, a ChromeOS experience is all they need.

So many places are just running a webapp on a number of their computers, and that's it.... generally for many tasks ChromeOS is all they need.

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