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Once upon a time I ran a very minimal setup with using awesome. Tiling windows were great but I found I missed some things that Gnome had done for me. So I'm back on Gnome but replaced Metacity with XMonad, which was a surprisingly easy change. That was back in 2012. Since then there's a lot of churn in Ubuntu with first Unity then Gnome 3. But it hasn't taken that much work to keep everything trucking along, especially thanks to gekkio's PPA that now does most of the work in getting xmonad integrated with Gnome.

I might change one or two things every year, moving from gnome terminal to kitty recently, for instance, but I'm happy with my setup and it's served me well.


I do something similar, but running plasma, replacing kwin with i3. I think a solid desktop environment with a tiling window manager is the best of both worlds.

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