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I don't understand the gatekeeping and deliberate misinformation in your post.

> A desktop is a computer sitting on top of your desk.

Besides the fact that the author indicated he's using a laptop hooked up to a 40" monitor, kind of necessitating the computer to be sitting on his desk, his use of "desktop" in general is referring to his everyday workflow. For some people, that's Windows and Windows specific apps. For others, it's macOS and its specific apps. For yet others, it's a Linux or BSD desktop environment, whether stock or customized. The fact that he's using a laptop as a workstation does not magically render his established work environment "mobile", and even if it did, he's still using a desktop environment of his own making.

> This article on the other side describes a workspace with multiple machines and mostly no free arrangement of work-elements.

Maybe we're reading different articles, but I see no mention whatsoever of what you're going on about. I see where he at one point mentions "multiple computers", but this in no way invalidates his desktop environment and software setup as violating some made-up rule about what is or isn't a "desktop".

I currently use five computers at home not counting my iPhone: A HP EliteDesk set up as a Windows gaming system, a Dell PowerEdge T310 server running Slackware Linux, converted into a workstation by adding a GPU and sound card and tweaking the BIOS, a mac Mini for music production and general Mac-specific things, a Raspberry Pi 3B+ for experimenting with IoT, and a HP Elite X2 convertible laptop for quick tasks away from my desk and occasional use at work.

Now, according to your logic apparently I can't possibly have a "desktop" setup because I use more than one computer, of more than one form factor, for more than one task at a time, and not always glued to my desk. That's total bullshit.


You claimed that the author had no right to call his desktop setup a desktop setup based on your own made up rules. That is the very definition of gatekeeping.

Also, please tell me where I insulted you. I called you out for gatekeeping and did so rather politely. If you consider a rebuttal to be an insult I’d advise you to grow a thicker skin before interacting with others or you’re in for a lot of disappointment.

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