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i also think of it as feature. or near to it. hate signing up for sites as a user and as a developer hate that chicken egg issue with users who hate to sign up. i visit the site i click send me password and site looks me up sends me new password or remainder and i log in by just typing password. this as an example.

My head hurts slightly from trying to parse your comment. I realize English probably isn't your first language, but I think you should try and rephrase it if you want to be understood.

translation: user privacy is a barrier for him as a developer, just like english.

More concisely, he/she wants to be able to discover a user's email address when they visit a site, so that the user just has to click a "create an account, and email me my password" button. (i.e. removing barriers to user sign-up to his/her site) This obviously conflicts with the idea that a user should be able to keep that information private.

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