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We are with Steam Clock Software (http://www.steamclocksw.com/). We're self-funded from day one and were profitable within three months.

We're doing iOS apps and consulting. Finding enough consulting to pay both the bills and the cost of developing our products has been straightforward. I've been working on product #2 this morning and having a lot of fun.

Quick recommendation for you. Google "sticky footer", it'll make your site look better. :)

Oh thanks, what a newbie mistake.

Checked out your iPhone DJ software; how do you handle interruptions due to incoming calls or text messages? Whenever someone is using their iPhone to DJ they always occasionally get messages or calls and the noise is played over the loudspeakers. Does the SDK provide a way to turn those off?

Good question. The only way to do it is to detect and encourage them to turn both Airplane Mode and Mute on. There's no way for an app to prevent incoming phone calls, which is probably a good thing. We've considered enforcing Airplane mode, but that would be really annoying if you're just testing the app out.

Airplane mode?

The iPhone has a mode which disables WIFI, GPS and the phone network.

The phone is still operational for all other tasks which is ideal for when you are on an airplane.

No, I know, I meant they should use it.

Disables all of the radios in the phone, and thus stops incoming messages

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