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I am living off http://www.AwesomenessReminders.com and http://www.CustomerFind.com. For AwesomenessReminders, you can use the referral code HACKERNEWS to save money.

Awesomeness Reminders is hilarious. Wish I had known of the referral code, but regardless, it was money well spent!

Glad to hear it was a dose of awesome!

What percentage of your income is coming from CustomerFind? Just curious, because it seems like a really lean startup.

CustomerFind (http://www.CustomerFind.com) is built around an idea: enter in keywords, then get notified about who is mentioning them on Facebook & Twitter. Then you get a neat way of replying to those people, in case you have a targeted solution to their problems. A small number of people pay for the software, perhaps because it is poorly marketed, or perhaps because there is a lot of competition in the social media monitoring space. Most people just use it for the email report functionality.

However, most people don't take full advantage of the powerful software I built. One entrepreneur was savvy enough to realize that I had something powerful on my hands, and now he's paying me handsomely to manage and grow his Facebook and Twitter profiles. I use CustomerFind to find people (targeted by geography and keywords) who might be interested in his services, and then one of my employees sends them a personalized direct message to start building the relationship. It's like SalesForce but for Social Media. I'm excited for what the future holds there...

Would you like to buy SuckinessReminders.com from me for a very reasonable price? ;)

No, thank you though

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