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TinkerCAD (http://tinkercad.com). Self funded and in soon-alpha mode, 3 FT founders. Quit Google a few months ago after five great years at the place.

If you're self funded and not even launched yet you're not actually living off the business. I'm not having a go at you or anything, just saying thats what the question was.

You are obviously right. As per mkramlich definition the startup is currently living off us (given only founders have invested in the corp) and we will live off non founder investors before being in the black.

I initially hesitated to reply but as the original post did not differentiate between type of investor I assumed it would be acceptable. I stand corrected.

Please have a look at what we do at http://grabcad.com/ - may be there are some ways for future cooperation. We're based in Estonia, saw you guys are Finnish :) You can ping me at jk@kaljundi.com.

I cant wait to get my alpha invite for TinkerCAD!

OOOOHHH -- If tinker cad is like the Lego+Sketchup of CAD, then I am excited. Sounds great (based on what I can surmise from the pic and the name) -- hopefully it is easy enough to use that my 6 year old can use it too!

I signed up for info...

(Did you work on the SketchUp team at Google?)

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