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I am with my startup Codesketch (http://www.codesketch.com). We've been designing and coding apps (mostly iPhone, but some web apps too) for various companies. We are also working on some apps that we will sell directly to consumers on the App Store.

- 2 partners (one of them is me)

- 3 board member who contribute several hours a week gratis

I took some funding at the beginning, but we are now completely self-sustainable. We did this by being hungry. Our burn rate is incredibly low. Our downtown office we rent we got for next to nothing (thank God for karma). The only thing we splurged on is we bought the best tools for our employees. Getting married in 230 days also helps you to keep your foot on the gas.

It's been a lot of fun.

>> Our downtown office we rent we got for next to nothing (thank God for karma)

I'm curious to how you got a free office. Would you mind sharing?

Between high school and college I took a year off. I decided to spend 6 months in South Africa to help people help themselves out of poverty.

I did this by writing a curriculum that covered basic computer office skills. We got about 15 laptops donated from the states and began our mobile lab. Our first 2 class rounds were people that we hand picked to be teachers in later classes.

The next round of classes launched with the teachers that we just trained running the show (we still attended all of these sessions just to help out). The classes were self sustainable (teachers got paid a small amount from students, and the students were then committed to the program).

Jason (the guy who hooked me up with the downtown office) was a part of my team.

Moral of the story: Be nice and help people.

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