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Left full time employment two years, was profitable within three months, now employ three full time staff and profits into seven figures. The best move I ever made.

"Shop More, Pay Less! Use a Promotional Codes every time you Buy Online."

is that an intentional mistake for SEO purposes?

Can you briefly comment on how revenues are earned?

Care to tell your story?

I have been thinking about telling it for while, I have considered starting a blog to help other start-ups especially people who are a little older and get caught in the full employment trap with the needto pay the mortgage. Also considereddoing a mixergy interview. But always go back to 'head down, work your arse off', there is always work to be done. One day, one day soon. I need to pay back to the community.

His site is in his profile. You can probably surmise at least a portion of his story from that.

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