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Hacker Monthly (http://hackermonthly.com), self-sustaining so far and doing everything to keep cost really low:

- Only 1 fulltime employee (um...me) + 3 remote freelancers.

- Works from home.

- Based in Penang island (somewhere between Bangkok and Singapore with its living cost much lower than both of them).

How's the Internet connection on Penang Island? I'm curious about how reliable it is in remote or developing places.

It's OK, could be better, used to be horrendous (do a search of "Streamyx Sucks" and you will get the idea).

Cool. And thanks for student subscription! https://hackermonthly.wufoo.com/forms/student-subscription-p...

wow!! I'm based in Penang island as well! What a small world!

And, Penang is a state in Malaysia. : ) Proud to be Malaysian.

Do you speak the local language? Malay?

Yes (along with Chinese and its dialects: cantonese & hokkien). The national language is Malay (Bahasa Melayu), but most people speaks English here.

Penang, beautiful island. I was there not too long ago. I would make the 12+ hr journey to return, just to taste the BBQ stingray again. Awesome!

In fact, all Malaysian speak Malay. It is a must-learn language in our public education system.

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