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ThatHigh.com pays my rent in SF.

Currently working on Djangy.com, hopefully that will "supplement" thathigh :-)

Can I buy you lunch in SF sometime? My email is rodguze@gmail.com

Would like to buy a banner spot for our hoodie site, because well, stoner's love hoodies.

Remember smokedot.org? Anyone?

how did you advertise ThatHigh?

Chalked the SHIT out of college campuses, basically IRL spammed as much as I could. Paid for some reddit advertising as well as StumbleUpon. That's pretty much it.

I got lucky with a good name and a ton of early exposure from college humor.

how many daily uniques do you receive? and what's your CPM?

I get about 10k and 15k uniques per day. I charge direct advertisers between $0.75 and $2 CPM. I fully realize this is a pretty low number (considering how targeted the audience is) but I've spent some time contacting businesses and the only companies that can afford to pay me can only afford $1 CPM rates.

I basically get around a million page views per month, which is the figure I use when I sell ad space.

How are you selling your ads? Do you have your own ad server? You should really check out isocket if you're interested cutting out all the logistical crap. Granted I'm biased as the sales guy, but seriously, you should check it out/email me (jason@isocket.com)

Were you at WePay's hackathon?

If so, I talked to you :-)

(I currently use Google DFP)

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