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Forrst (http://forrst.com/) makes more than enough to cover all costs, including some of my salary. The rest comes from a seed round I took in March.

Seed round. You and your puns, Kyle. :)

I couldn't help it.

I'm a big Forrst fan, thanks for the site! It has become my new place to go for inspiration/motivation when I need it.

Now when do we find out what Acorns are for? ;)

I just signed up to try it out. May I have an invite?

Name: Eric Lavigne

Email: lavigne.eric@gmail.com

Twitter: ericlavigne

Something I made: https://github.com/ericlavigne/island-wari

I sent you one earlier, Eric. Happy to hear feedback at kyle AT forrst.com

Thank you so much. Means a lot to hear.

Acorns are currency.

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