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In my life I never got interviewed, even if it is 15 years I work as a programmer. Now I work at VMware thanks to Redis, and VMware did not requested an interview, and my only previous not-self-employed position 10 years ago was likewise triggered by my work on hping.

But, I'm sure, I would suck so much at this kind of interviews. If you are anything like me you'll understand what I mean, in topics where I work day by day I've pretty much the control of what the good solution can be in a few minutes, but for many things to find the best solution requires, at least for me, days of thinking, sleeping, possibly waking up with the solution in mind, to find it's wrong and you need to reiterate the process.

My design abilities are all there, in this days. I'm sure that in the five minutes race I would say many times something of super stupid. Now my question is, are the five-minutes performances really linked to the three days thinking about your problem solution?

Isn't it possible that at least a subset of guys that will get the few-days answer well, will instead provide a poor answer in little time, and sometimes the other way around?

If this can be somewhat true, there is a huge industry selecting runners for 100 meters, in order to run, most of the times, a maraton.

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