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Haskell is certainly more "beneficial" than any other language I've seen to date for certain types of programs

Could you unpack that? I'd love to hear what types of programs Haskell phenomenal at, in comparison to others.

This (http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1909331) is what I am doing - a "type of program" suited to Haskell, very algorithmic, lots of data munging, distribution, parts with proofs of correctness, compiler like pieces and so on.Can't be more specific in public - sorry about that .

As for Haskell the language vs others in general, I personally like the combination of high abstraction, static typing and raw speed. Besides (like lisp?) it seems to be a productivity amplifier for very small teams of very sharp people, which is my situation.

No worries, thanks.

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