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Well nobody uses NetBSD so...

Sure portability increases code quality, but at what cost to time to market which seems to be the primary concern for most developers these days?

NetBSD (and NetBSD code) is used pretty much everywhere. The internet pretty much runs on it.

That might be a bit oversold. I love the BSDs, but I'd think by now that Linux in all its forms would surely heavily outweigh NetBSD by now.

I would love to read a recent survey. If someone knows about that.

I couldn't name a major corporation that uses NetBSD on their servers or routers. (Yahoo used to use FreeBSD servers, but even they migrated to Linux.)

Is there a major router vendor or something else that uses NetBSD in a big way?

I can name several. But you won’t think of them as tech companies.

Hotpoint, pioneer, bose, Samsung (some TVs and audio equipment), whirlpool and many, many more.

They all use netbsd in firmwares.

That says FreeBSD

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