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We have to define what "winning" means here. Google uses POWER9 and specialized GPU-like chips for some workloads. All cloud providers can gain from being able to offer products that perform better or have lower prices than it would be possible with x86.

Right now ARM probably outnumbers x86 in number of machines running Linux by a very large margin. In my backpack there is one x86 machine and two ARM ones and that doesn't count the one that's in my hand

It all depends on what chips become available at what price. All cloud providers do lots of hardware design for their own metal. I'd they tell you that their next data center will be primarily ARM, they create a market for a million unit run of whatever CPU they choose.

> Google uses POWER9 and specialized GPU-like chips

As do the current top two supercomputers, Summit and Sierra, among others.

Cray's XC-50 uses ARM CPUs.

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