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I once had a bug developing an IP phone. Connecting to one server worked but once on site with the customer connection to their server didn't worked, even though the servers where identical.

It turned out that the power supply on their server was malfunctioning sometimes delivering too little power. Specially when taking the code paths my IP phone triggered.

The server software was built in php. It's not often you start looking for a bug in PHP but end up switching a capacitor in the PSU.

My point is that even if your write in php, php is running C libraries, that is running ASM that is running hardware and every part of this chain is important. There's no such thing as "works everywhere", it's just "have a very high chance of working everywhere".

(off-topic) thanks for the sds library. I'm a heavy user of it.

Yes but the platform is just one of the unknowns at the lower level. If the tooling is fine, the C compiler is very unlikely to emit things that will run in a different way, it is much simpler to see software breaking because of higher level parts that don't have anything to do with the platform like: libc version, kernel upgrade, ...

About SDS: glad it is useful for you!

I’d be really interested to hear more of this story! How you isolated the problem down to the level of the PSU is going deeper into the machine than I’ve personally been, so this story could be a great teacher.

It sounds way cooler than it was. For some reason I openened up the server box and during a reboot I saw the LED on the motherboard flickering in a way I didn't expect. So we tried to change PSU and then everything worked.

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