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If the Remembrance of Earth's Past trilogy taught me anything, it's that keeping a low profile is the safest choice :) Highly recommended if you are into sci-fi.

This video gives a more optimistic perspective, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmCTmgavkrQ it challenges with good arguments the axioms in The Dark Forest.

I think all of the points that the video makes are more or less addressed in the books. Don't want to spoil too much, but and important part of the argument _for_ complete genocide of everybody you meet is that (the book argues) any other more primitive civilization can, at any moment, go through a sudden technological explosion and leapfrog yours. It's imperative to eliminate them. The whole reasoning is based on the assumption that this can happen (not saying that it's a realistic assumption). The video doesn't mention this at all, and most of its arguments are rebutted by this assumption.

The Dark Forest idea is based on those axioms, so if you believe the axioms hold in our universe then the book conclusion holds.

The video argues many points, an important one are

1 you can't stay hidden, advanced civilizations will detect you or can send probes to destroy any viable solar system,

2 if you try to kill everyone else you will eventually find someone bigger then you so maybe the strategy to make alliances is better, you will have a better chance surviving in an alliance when you eventually meet something bigger then you.

It's an 18 minute video. Does it include the point that Earth has been broadcasting "I've got life on me!" for about a billion years now, ever since the Great Oxygenation Event?

Since I realized that, I've stopped whatever slight worry I may have had about the "kill everyone you discover" theory. If it was going to happen, it wouldn't happen in the near future because some of our radio waves finally got somewhere, it would happen eight or nine hundred million years ago and we wouldn't be having this conversation at all.

The reason I suggest the video is to help people that feel "depressed" or similar feeling after finishing the book, the book had this effect on me and I seen people on reddit having similar feelings after finishing it. So my intention is to help , I don't want to discredit a book or theory or promote something. (I loved the books)

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