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> I think podcasting is somewhat shielded from this by the fact that you really don't need an insane amount of capital to put out a good product.

You could say the same thing about the web

And aren't there plenty of interesting personal blogs out there?

And it then comes back to content discovery. It doesn't matter what is out there, it matters how easily you can find the niche rather than the corporate.

Websearch on only non-corp websites. Human curated to prevent gaming the corp filter. I'd pay $5/month for that.

Are there? How do I find them?

Hyperlinks, RSS, and a bit of routine maintenance. When you stumble upon an interesting article, subscribe to the author's feed. If you lose interest, unsubscribe. You will eventually end up with the information source you want.

This is the crux of the issue. Either someone (perhaps the owner) tells you, or you ask someone who knows. The former is distinct from discoverability, so that's out. When you ask though, you want to ask someone who knows lots of things, which is likely to be corporate (major search engines).

When you google a question that interests you and find an answer in a blog, you see if there are more interesting stuff there.

Link aggregators.



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