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I agree with your point. It is complicated since everytime humans become outraged about something, their emotional side tends to take over and they tend to look for someone(s) to blame and a head(s) to roll without taking all aspects into consideration, for example:

* How to pin-point one or a group of individuals to blame within the company? What if it is someone that has long moved to another company?

*Does finding a scapegoat and forcing someone out of their jobs resolve the matter? Whats the impact in that person's lives? Was it just for the masses to feel better?

To be honest, I think society is rewarding the wrong attitude in some cases. Someone in the reporter's position should have raised the issue to the relevant authorities and after the issue was resolved (at least partially), he should have made a request to publish an article talking about what happened, how many people could have been impacted, the actions he took. The outcome could have been that the reporter receives an award for his work and appreciation from society for raising awareness in the area, the government talking about concrete actions they have/will take, other companies and society works towards improving said issue.

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