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I’m always surprised when people complain about it. It does everything it should for me, syncs with my other devices and automatically downloads the new episode over night and tells me about it in the morning. What are you missing?

I live in Germany. I can only see German-language podcasts in the app. If I want to see podcasts in English, I need to switch my whole iTunes account to a different country. Of course, that creates problems elsewhere.

I mean, come on. Most of the interesting content is in English. This is a simple feature.

You mean for the suggestions / Top 10 lists? Yes these are the ones from your current country just like in the iTunes store.

You can still find every podcast if you search by name or browse by category though. You make it sound like you can only listen to German podcasts via the stock podcasts app which is definitely not the case.

Apple's podcast app has always been horrible at syncing between devices. Overcast was like a breath of fresh air.

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