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I seriously enjoy humor or political / debate podcasts, especially while commuting, but technical podcasts never stick.

I find when getting into a new framework (something like Rails or React) then it's an interesting bit of "immersion learning" to throw on the latest episode of the big associated podcast. Maybe I pick up a bit of knowledge, but just hearing people speak naturally about the framework helps me build a fuzzy roadmap in my head of the big subjects to tackle.

Completely agree, most technical concepts require you to play with it. I've never heard of anyone learning spark from a podcast

There's technical podcasts that are guides? When listening to something like The Changelog, it's just a conversation about a technology and its origins.

Most tech podcasts tend to focus on interviews, but I tend to shy away from those.

There are quite a few shows that are different though, either discussion or news based. Here are a couple of my favorites. * Coding Blocks * Complete Develop Podcast * Six Figure Developer * Weekly Dev Tips

Full disclosure, host of CB here :)

Immersion is a good term to use. I agree. You may not learn a lot of specific, but you may get the lay of the land in a low effort way.

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