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Now, I realize this is a demo, but aside from that, I really don't think things like this should be used in a final product.

Why? CSS wasn't made for this. We have SVG for graphics like this. This is a demo, yes, and it's great to demonstrate the capabilities of CSS for making small graphics, but in practicality, I don't see the point. The key problem is graceful degrading- there simply is none here.

Regardless, I love seeing things like this, and he's done a good job. Good work.

I completely agree that it isn't something to be used as a replacement for sprites or SVG. I tried to make it clear that it's nothing more than a technical exercise that I hoped to learn from. Hopefully others will pay attention to that fact and avoid plaguing the web with 'css icons' when there are better (and easier to use) tools for the job.

You're right, people will just continue to plague the blogosphere with posts about how they laboriously drew yet another piece of vector art in 'pure' CSS.

But, what if I need to create Homer Simpson?


Naive question: Wouldn't this make rendering of pages over slow connections much faster if compression is used?

Maybe, depends on the size of the CSS. You could just use real images encoded into a data: uri for the same effect.

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