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Blackberry has media presence, and existing and very loyal customer base, and an existing distribution network...

Oh wait...that didn't work out so well for Blackberry (or Palm or Microsoft). Does anyone remember when Creative dominated the media player market? Or when everyone thought Sony would take over the electronics world? When everyone thought Yahoo needed to be broken up before it threatened the internet?

if I were investing in that sector I wouldn't discount them as a meaningful contestant, remembering they can always buy their way in to third party tech.

One thing most of Tesla's competitors all have in common is that their business interests are opposed to Tesla's business interests. This means that a licensing of self-driving tech is extremely unlikely.

One thing most of Tesla's competitors all have in common is that they don't have functional self driving tech either. Tesla will buy from a startup, if it buys at all. So I don't think your line of reasoning is valid.

Remember: having tech is one thing, getting it to market at scale and sorting out legal and regulatory issues, cross-border issues, distribution agreements, etc. is quite another. Tesla has done this before and thus presents a nontrivial value-add for tech holders, quite aside from "money on table now".

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