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"I’m a big fan of Slack Technologies Inc.’s approach to corporate finance. Near the peak of the unicorn boom, in 2015, Slack Chief Executive Officer Stewart Butterfield correctly noted that “it might be the best time for any kind of business, in any industry, to raise money for all of history, like since the time of the ancient Egyptians.” The relevance of that point to Slack was not obvious, though, because it happened to have all the money it needed. A less financially savvy tech unicorn might have taken that as a reason not to raise more money, but Slack decided that cheap money was cheap money. ...Is 2019 the best time in history for tech unicorns to raise money from the public markets? Ehh, not particularly. The S&P 500 is down more than 10 percent from its peak last year. Volatility is up. There is an overhang of several very large rumored unicorn initial public offerings, most notably one from Uber Technologies Inc., which might distract investors from other unicorns. Fortunately for Slack, it still doesn’t seem to need any money, perhaps because it did so very much top-ticking in the private markets. This gives it a certain amount of flexibility with respect to corporate finance. So:

Slack Technologies Inc. is planning to go public through a direct listing, "


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