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i thought the virtual absence of women was interesting. Jessica Mah got two paragraphs near the end, Demi Moore a passing mention, and Jessica Livingston merited two sentences. she co-founded YC and is married to Paul, and they couldn't even ask her for a quote?

other than that it was guys, guys, guys. http://bit.ly/ycturgor2 has more.

That's because most founders are guys?

It's like the leaflet I got from our local hospital the other day. It features on the cover an african, an indian, a few other minorities, and one small white person. It's like they're trying way too hard to appear diverse. (The area it serves is probably 90%+ white).

I'd rather they project what is actually out there.

JL got more of a mention than Morris or Blackwell. I don't think the article writer chose to avoid or include women particularly, rather it just reflected the subject matter they were writing about.

Very true, Forbes often overlooks the women behind innovation. They tried to make up for it with the 100 most influential women issue last month, I would much rather see them include a few more articles each month on the subject.

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