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Here is the actual cover:


A nice, striking (against the red), somewhat atypical picture of PG. Did the photographer coach to suppress the usual smile?

His eyes are smiling, I bet he's about to crack up.

his left eye makes me happy. i wonder why.

i think it's a right brain bicameral lateralization thing, but if someone more knowledgeable than me can get more explicit, i would absolutely love to hear

Why is this getting voted down? Look at the picture!

His expression seems to say, "Let's just get this over with." It's surprising how long a photo shoot can take.

What struck me in that photo is that he looks a bit older than he is. Which, for Forbes' audience, I suspect is deliberate.

He knew they were cropping out the Tevas

Birkenstocks, actually

Thanks for the actual cover shot, I got my copy in the mail this morning while running out the door to go write a midterm. I noticed PG on the cover and spent half the day wondering if anything new was in the article.

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