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Lessons from 6 Software Rewrite Stories (medium.com)
31 points by kristianp 4 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

Re: Netscape > the net consequences of this rewrite were disastrous.

That's not true. The net consequence was irrelevant, to the trajectory, regardless of the editorializing. For trying to maintain accuracy, pointing a finger at the rewrite (which didn't affect the existing product) with the provided narrative and context to explain, is some sort of revisionist voodoo.

The rewrite gave an opportunity to a spaghetti codebase that was doomed.

The original netscape devs that were left plus some part-time hackers, ended up on the losing end of a quality war against a better funded, talented, dedicated set of developers. The disaster was in the past, when they fumbled their way to an uncertain future. Today, you would say that they failed to competitively monetize and invest in their own platform.

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