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I can't believe that even on HN there are so many posts about something so dumb. Our country is up in arms about some new X-ray machines that a corrupt defense contractor sold to an overzealous department of homeland security in a panic after 9/11, and yet we are hardly this angry about the 2 wars we are fighting or the fact that the New Start treaty is about to be ran over with a bulldozer.

Please, let's get over the stupid X-rays machines. Let Fox News and CNN cover this one.

I can believe it, and you know why? Because our country still cares about personal American liberty.

Viva la libertad!

Sometimes I get hyperbolic. What I mean to say is that these machines are a symptom of a larger problem. The time that we spend trying to get rid of these machines is time that we don't spend on solving the real problems.

I love freedom, too.

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