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Ask HN: Show Us Your Personal Website/Blog?
74 points by clusmore on Feb 19, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 175 comments
I've seen a couple[1][2] of posts recently about personal websites/blogs where some people seemed hesitant to post their own site, and perhaps more didn't post at all to avoid self-promotion. So I thought, why not ditch the modesty and just have a post where you can shamelessly plug your own website. I love reading your comments here, so let's see what you all have put on your websites.

[1]: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19188760

[2]: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19114037


I'm a UX engineer so my focus was on a site that loads quickly, is accessible, and is easy to read. It gets 100s across the board on Google Lighthouse because it's built with one HTML file.

The CSS was ruthlessly cut down to a single style tag and I believe there's only a tiny bit of JavaScript for lazy loading images and Service Workers for offline capabilities (in case you need my email in a Subway tunnel?). The service worker file needed to be separated (so I guess it's two files then) but the single HTML was compressed as much as I possibly could to reduce the size down. I even downloaded the Google font file to preload it faster and to strip out all of the unused glyphs.

It definitely loads quickly.

I also have some interest in design, so I wanted to express myself a bit, choosing lots of fonts and designs to create a somewhat eclectic homage to computing past and present.

Woah, that's a seriously fast loading site. Well done!

I wrote an SVG powered contact page which is around 16KB. https://edent.tel/

I was trying to get the most functionality out of the minimum possible size.

This is really cool! Simple and very effective. Well done.


My full name is Jake Teton-Landis so I’m overjoyed I could get this domain name. I redesigned the site from scratch in 2018, although most of the content is from long before then. The bit I’m proud of is https://jake.tl/notes/2018-03-28-goto/

Built with [Ivy], a static site generator I picked for its simple content model and well-designed plugin architecture. I wrote a custom plugin to inline resources like CSS and images. Auto-deployed using Github Actions which I find very handy. Hosted by Firebase Hosting which gives me free CDN & HTTP/2 delivery and an easy deploy tool. DNS from gandi.net, a [“no bullshit”] independent registrar I highly recommend.

I hope to publish a long-form post completely explaining how my website works in a way understandable to any English speaker familiar with computers, but no ETA on that.

Ivy: https://darrenmulholland.com/docs/ivy/

No bullshit: https://www.gandi.net/en/no-bullshit

Maybe the perfection enthusiast should fix the typo in the website blurb ;)


Personal blog that I usually don’t promote because it’s about myself and some of my reasoning. Older posts are not even valid anymore and I will revisit them when I feel like it.

It’s about writing more and reflecting on my decisions and experiences.

I recently moved from a static website to write.as because I want to focus on the content. Something broke in my pipeline and as a result I didn’t post updates for years.

At some point I want to make http://jw.be an entry point to my blogs and businesses. It’s pointing to my company website for now.


Just a little business card-like thingie. It might become a blog some day. I'm particularly proud of its 404 page ;)

My blog is at https://axiomatic.neophilus.net/ where I write mostly about software/math/physics. A static site built using Zola https://www.getzola.org/

I also have a travel/photoblog which has some really cool features. It's written in Elm https://odyssey.neophilus.net/

Very nice! I had a very popular G+ collection with hundreds of animations, which I deleted. Now, by looking at your photoblog, I wonder if I can suck all the photos from posts from [1] and then use your Odyssey [2].

[1] https://get.google.com/albumarchive/110322266958783287132/al...

[2] https://github.com/Libbum/Odyssey

If you're looking for a simple, static page which doesn't require any additional libraries, is lightweight and can be hosted easily on GitHub, I can't recommend Jon Barron's enough.

Source: https://github.com/jonbarron/website

Page: https://jonbarron.info

It's easy to modify to suit your content, as I did.

Link: https://priyansh.page (Not updated recently).

Also consider getting a .page domain, which I feel is perfect for these purposes.

Link: https://get.page

Long, long ago I was a developer at Microsoft, and at a small startup before that. I've since transitioned into theatre, but I love keeping up with the tech world via Hacker News (which is my way of warning you that my blog is completely non-technical).

I've just started a series about writing fight scenes, from the perspective of a fight choreographer: https://lovebloodrhetoric.com/2019/02/03/writing-the-fight-v....

I'll get the ball rolling. This is my personal blog: https://lusmo.re

I've overhauled the style recently inspired a lot by the simplicity of Butterick's Practical Typography[0]. It's all hand-written HTML and CSS, with JS completely optional only there to enable the theme switcher and 1-click copy on code snippets.

[0]: https://practicaltypography.com/

Can I just chime in to say I appreciate all the folks responding here. I've had various personal websites/blogs in the past but nothing currently. Would love to start one soon again and this just gave me that extra jolt of motivation I think I needed.


Started in 2009 as a Blogger blog about video game design/culture/psychology/philosophy (my most-read post was about quitting World of Warcraft[1] and was discussed on HN at the time[2]), it's now a (mostly) static site built in Hugo including the blog, my own developed games and a dev blog about them (only one game so far; that's a new part of the project), quick reviews of games I play, shared links to interesting articles/videos, and a blogroll of other recommended websites.

I'm very much a fan of "Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere", so I've been moving all of my content together under my own control. My articles also go to Medium, my games also go to itch.io, my shared links are also on Pinboard, etc., but everything is primarily on my own site and if any of the external services vanished I wouldn't lose anything.

It's been a great way to learn more web development tools and skills, and it's nice to have both "write something creative" and "tinker with site infrastructure" as project options depending on what kind of energy I have in my free time.

[1]: https://pixelpoppers.com/2010/12/doing-my-dailies-why-i-quit... [2]: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2054992


The site is mostly about my personal projects. Everything from the web to Z80 assembly to electronics. Currently ongoing: homebrew modular synth

The design is quite old, most recently updated with a mobile layout. Powered by Jekyll with very plain HTML and CSS with a smudge of JS for the rotating wheel. Search is broken and I have not found an alternative.

Great thread idea!

I'm a fan of static sites, Hugo in particular. Went from WP on Apache in early 2000s, to Drupal/Nginx to Hugo/Nginx more recently. I edit the sites locally and rsync the files with an alias when done. Saves messing about with a CMS. Which I've done enough of in my time. Quick and cheap way to host a bunch of fast sites.

Freelance + blog site using Kube framework/Hugo. After looking at all the great sites here, it definitely needs some colour, a new favicon, some images of yours truly and update of services offered. But before that lot gets done, it's at:

> https://lukespear.co.uk/

This other one is experimental, the better looking of the two, probably the home for courses I hope to put out this year:

> https://objectivelyfun.com/

It uses a customised Hugo theme - related posts, new sidebar, new post layout, new post types, improved meta stuff etc.

Keep sharing - it's great for ideas.

Recently redesigned homepage for my software consultancy services (aimed for minimal but nice looking and made the tech jargon easy to skip if you're non-technical):


This is the homepage for my paid Chrome extension that audits multiple pages at a time for SEO, speed and security problems like broken links, duplicate content, render blocking scripts and insecure password forms:


The homepage is less than 300KB (custom CSS theme, minimal JS + all images use SVG including the header screenshot) and the whole website follows all the rules the extension advocates (see https://www.checkbot.io/guide).

Feedback welcome! :)

Hey Hacker News! Python^Vim user here.

A blog: https://tarasmatsyk.com/ I always export posts on medium: https://medium.com/@tarasmatsyk

I am talking about Architecture, ML SOA models in production and Team building activities. Next post is going to be about our experience of using PyTorch in production for a year.

It's backed with GoHugo on top of Netlify and I am extremely happy about it. Also I wrote a post on how to start a blog under 2 hours where compared most popular blogging engines for engineers: https://tarasmatsyk.com/posts/1-how-to-start-a-blog-in-2-hou...


Mostly it's an online CV, but I blog occasionally. Some entries that may interest HN are:

http://heffern.net/rob/index.php/2018/05/18/hello-world/ . How much should a Harvard Lotto ticket sell for?

http://heffern.net/rob/index.php/2018/08/25/ch-1-kismayo-som... Why the Somali coast is the most valuable real-estate in the Solar System

Website: https://hackpravj.com Blog: https://hackpravj.com/blog

I write about explorable explanations from a software engineering perspective, going after a particular problem and explaining it using either data or a solution.

For example, my recent article was about solving Google AI's game Semantris using Computer Vision. https://hackpravj.com/blog/solving-semantris-opencv-word2vec...

This year I've decided to write about my learnings in products. I've my first topic in making, will try to publish it as soon as I get time.

haha I was thinking about starting similar thread :) don't bother if I repost from other thread again?


My DeusEx-game-inspired personal website (love the game, especially from the design side so decided to take an inspiration from it)

Will soon release tool I've used to generate this website (yes, another static site generator ;) )

:+1: for the design, guy! Cyberpunk done well. Just needs a 90s feel "Metadyne" style corporation name slapped across it and a neon/rain page and I'll never leave.


Tech: some coding projects e.g. an old constraint solver in an Excel spreadsheet which helps pick a fantasy football team, opinions on software development, how I designed my wedding ring, and a series of git-for-beginners posts.

I used to self-enforce "must make a post at least once per month" for a few years, but it's been a while since I last blogged regularly. Plan to restart this year with a series on fitness for tech/office workers.

Top tip: choosing a subject matter agnostic name means that you can alter what you blog about as your interests change over the years.


My website has mostly two halfs: my podcasts and radio shows (German only), and my blog (English only). I'm starting a second podcast show next week where I visit hackerspaces across Germany, so if any German listeners are interested, keep an eye out for that.

Source code is at https://github.com/majewsky/xyrillian.de - Most parts are autogenerated (e.g. the build process pulls metadata from the podcast audio files to render into the page) using Go scripts and Makefiles.

My personal website/blog is here: https://www.louisnicholls.com

I tend to write mainly about technical marketing, bootstrapping and common early-stage founder mistakes.

Signed up for the newsletter - this guy can market!


Nothing special, I do not write code worth publishing for example. It is just a personal site to document some of my passions - it is also practical sometimes to write a short piece about recurring questions (e.g.: "how to make your own hanko" has been my most popular piece for years now https://pa-mar.net/Study/ShoDo/HankoDo-it-Yourself.html )

Things that might be not-so-useless, mostly home-related networking, FAQs for subreddits I participate in, and bad puns... https://try.popho.be

Couple of years back, I finally decided to document my efforts. I have a thing for coming up with new ideas and troubleshooting, so I thought to myself maybe it's time to share them with others and give back something to the community. And I must say, even though it only hosts just couple of posts by now, starting my blog was probably one of the most satisfying things I'd ever done.


https://simonswain.com/ Links to personal projects and conf talk videos.


I made it to get familiar with all tooling involved - I host the website myself at home. From the hardware to middle ware to the web server it all runs on a simple €150 dell server.

Might be a bit slow for non EU people because of it. :)

To create it I used Hugo!


edit: no markdown here...

Looks good and loads fine from ireland :) Might want to reduce the size of the profile picture. jules.jpg is 1.6mb

>Might want to reduce the size of the profile picture. jules.jpg is 1.6mb

Yeah it's on the list!

hello from EU, your site loads perfectly fine :) only the picture took a bit to load, but totally usable.

Just FYI loads fine from U.S. as well. 436ms for all the html/scripts. 1.79 sec for jules.jpg.

Loads fine from California, United States of America.

https://www.fretflip.com | An interactive guitar fretboard tool to make shareable scale and chord charts. I'm using it as a common place for learning guitar and bass. Opened it up for others to store their own charts, some are using it for education. Still non-profit but glad to share.

https://technicalpenguins.com is the site for the freelance company I run with my fiance. (See if you can count all the different penguins - our favorites are Lost Penguin for 404s and Plug Penguin for shameless plugs on whitepapers.)

This is wonderful! I love the personality that shines through in your site. In my experience at least, more personality is always better than less personality in freelancing.


It's a bit of a mismash of subjects but covers things I'm currently working on or seem interesting.

Powered by Jekyll, hosted on Github. It has very few visitors because I am reluctant to shout about the posts in case they're shit.


Home-rolled CMS I made in PHP four years ago or so. Been meaning to update the design for some time now...

I blog sporadically about anything that interests me, but I've been meaning to get more focused and deliberate this year.

Excuses, excuses...

I wish i would write more, currently not a lot of content on my site.


Hosted on github pages and build with Hugo. https://github.com/gempir/blog

Still just a blog that clearly needs a huge theme update? Heh, but it has collected fragments since January 2004, when I gave up hand coded HTML and doing an rsync on the diary.



Me: A Front End Engineer that loves Vue.js (and actively searching for a new role!)

My Portfolio: Initial template by HTML5UP, some custom components, custom animation, features Vue web applications built by me.

My site is https://www.lessboring.com

The site is purely Markdown crunched through Pelican, a nifty Python static site generator.

I've been a freelance Django developer for about 8 years and always wanted to build a software product of some kind. The idea was to freelance to pay the bills and spend the rest of my time on products.

Well, the products never really worked out, but the freelancing has worked out really well, especially in the last two years since I learned about business. My site now aims to help other developers learn the business skills of freelancing to help people avoid the pitfalls I fell into.

I've been writing to a mailing list where the good emails go into articles on this site.

My site was designed by my friend Elise who has a super neat freelancing website: http://itmustbee.com She does Shopify consulting for beekeepers and is a CSS master.


Uses Jekyll and Github Pages. I'm more interested in just writing words and sharing knowledge these days than playing with blog frameworks.

Just published a "redesign" this morning. It's... Minimalist...


Mostly just a CV and overview of projects I've done. I do consulting on realtime-rendering, game dev and interactive installations. Somewhere between tech and design.


I do most of my writing for other blogs or over on our company blog, but tried to make my personal site as minimal and performant as possible while still being useful.

I am long overdue for an update and I never got around to making it mobile friendly. https://www.michaelzaporozhets.com

My girlfriend says it's boring but I'm a still a fan.

It is boring, but I'm also a fan. A little streak of colour somewhere and some more interesting content should keep engagement levels up?


I've been playing with the typography on the site recently. Not massively happy with it but there you go; I'm sure I'll get round to changing it in a few weeks^H^H^H^H^Hyears

I'm mostly an interim CTO these days (though I run Trolley [1] as a side project) but have been a consultant, agile person, Clojure dev, Java dev, Ruby dev...

About 18 years in to my career and trying to maintain that balance of "can talk like a business person" and "can still code")

1. https://trolley.link - a JAMstack shopping cart system

Wanted to try out a static website generator(HUGO) for both personal and professional reasons.


Note: I know the site's content is a bit old now, but I'm going to update it.


This is my personal blog, with random thoughts and guides around software development.

Until last year, I was using my Medium to post stuff. But, as I wanted to own my content and not have issues to post code snippets (Medium is horrible on this), I moved it to Gatsby + GitHub pages. I am still missing some stuff, such as a comment system, but this will be solved soon.

Having my own content in Markdown makes easier to transport it around, even to other systems in the future -- if Gatsby proves to be not that good. And, as it is ReactJS, it is quite easy to tweak the starter theme.

From programming to my experience sensory-depriving myself in a floating tank and musings about creativity, this is my blog:


I like it simple, static-generated, and minimal.

Been a while since I’ve updated it, but http://itskrish.co

I promise I was on the minimalist monospace emoji design wave a few months before it really took off :)

http://gabrielgambetta.com has most of my stuff. Not a blog, more a collection of things I do, including the Client Side Prediction series, the Computer Graphics textbook, the A* demystified series... but also a couple of articles about the technical and creative side of writing and publishing my first novel.

There's also http://gabrielgambetta.biz for a different side that I'm exploring more and more seriously :)


It is not fancy, uses Makefiles and a few scripts to generate static content; Most of this stuff existed before Node.js and I plan to keep it that way. An old version of this site used to be on geocities, so you can imagine. :)

It contains pointers to very old code and a link to my old favorite sites and my social network profiles; It even has a RSS feed that is updated every few years. ;)

@all: I'm going to go through all of your pages here. Will try my best to connect with you if I am able to!


Minimal politics, tech I find interesting, timekeeping, EVs... classic blog fodder.


I built this Chrome Extension as a small project to learn how to code. This extension plays a new cat video every time you open a new tab in Chrome.

I am 1/3 complete the Udemy Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 and am having fun applying what I am learning on small projects like this!


I'm Maxime, front-end developer and passionate of JavaScript code-golfing.

I make tiny JS demos & games for fun or for contests like JS1K.com and JS13Kgames.com, and write about them (among other front-end experiments) here.

There's also a lot of tech watch and projects involving other topics like retro consoles emulation, Unicode, WebGL, and even a collection of memes and jokes.

Feel free to send feedback, even negative.

(I know the site's style is a bit old now, but I'm updating it!)

Cheers :)

created an account after lurking here for 3(!) years now. happy for this to be my first post, as the HN community has definitely been an inspiration towards starting my own website/blog (and I have in turn convinced a few others)


my website is built with gatsbyJS and hosted with netlify. i plan to blog regularly about NLP/deep learning topics and eventually add projects + photog but thats for another day.

https://cyrilniobe.com - I'm a junior software developer (still a student) but I like minimalist things


The name is in the domain. Not my main website, but it is a fun project nevertheless.

My personal blog: https://www.brill.blog/

I’m an amateur designer and coder. I made the site to explore responsive layout, to learn how to code templates in a CMS (Craft), and to get exactly the kind of personal site I wanted. Of course it’s turned out not quite as I expected, and I’m struggling to motivate myself to create the volume of content it needs.

So, I’d love to get feedback (and encouragement) from you guys.

https://pjrvs.com - it's simple, but it sure does work for me. I'm a writer and entrepreneur.

https://f5n.org - running since 2011, former websites (going back to 1998) haven't been updated since

Source: https://github.com/winks/f5n.org

Tool: hugo (an older version)

Custom theme: https://github.com/winks/hugo-f5norg

Subscribe to mine http://muhammadraza.me I try to write atleast 3 articles every month


Just deployed a new design, rewritten in Gatsby (source: https://github.com/kaishin/redalemeden.com). I still have plans to add some additional bells and whistles but I am happy with the result so far!

https://www.charlieharrington.com I've just finished the first draft of my children's novel about robots, so I'm planning to post more about the writing, editing, querying, publishing process here. Right now, most of the posts on my site are about books, ultramarathons, coding, and music.


Has served as my research blog during my phd studies in pharmaceutical bioinformatics and covers a lot of my insight gained on batch workflow systems for running machine learning pipelines (mostly on hpc clusters and locally), as well as some Go stuff.

Custom design based on bulma.io css framework, and processwire(.com) as CMS.

Oh lord, I really need to rework mine visually - it's just some HTML+CSS which gets mangled by my own PHP powered minimizer, and of course there's JS for the games. All of this was written more or less to try if I could even get a page up and running, but it was fun ;)



I do need to blog more but recently it was mostly about my projects. It is powered by one of them, Zola (https://www.getzola.org/).

I want to write more but not really sure about the topics.

Dancing icons. It seemed like a good idea at the time.



My personal site, mostly about the books I've read and the lessons I've learnt. So far I've covered books such as Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, Skin in the Game, Deep Work, or Through the Language Glass, among others.

Any feedback is very much welcomed! Thank you, guys!

I have a quick tip: there's an issue with the Github pages SSL certificate. Apparently it's an easy fix: https://stackoverflow.com/a/42177720/359774

Thank God, I've tried to solve this for quite some time now. You're the man!!

Created using Jekyll, by the way, as I see lots of you posting the creation process.


My name is Justin Cooney and this is my personal programming blog that I occasionally post code snippets or random programming related ideas to. I haven't contributed much in the past year(s), but hopefully can motivate myself to post more in future.


I'm Erwin, this is my personal website. I'm trying to start a career as a front-end developer.

I was looking for a minimalist design with minimal assets for fast loading, readable text, good accessibility, and good CSS print styles.

Late to the game, but I just gave my site a facelift.


I'm a sysadmin, hope to get into dev one day. Background (ie my degree) is in theology, been on my IT hustle for just over a year professionally. Blog is new, doing python and rust stuff mostly.

http://dusted.dk Just a place where I keep my stuff.

I put something up to capture thoughts and record thing for myself for posterity. At least 1 of the posts started as notes to myself so I could refer to it later on.

Not much there but I did enjoy hunting down photos of Marseille to use.



My blog platform under development.

Fancy! The interactivity is indeed impressive :-)

It also feels a bit overloaded, though. Especially the lower bar on the homepage - the cursive script is really hard to read, and the scrolling credits are too distracting.

Thank you very much for the feedback! You are the first to give me any feedback. I have been hesitated to show it to people as it’s under heavy development. Yes, I also think the lower bar is a bit too much, my intention was to give credits to all the open source projects I use, without them I can’t imagine I would be able to make this website.


I started this blog last year to share interesting reads that I come across (includes the ones recommended by HN). It covers varied subjects and would love to improve with your feedback.



I write mostly about web dev, front-end, ux, dev productivity and whatever I happen to be tinkering with at the moment. All of it with a pinch of fantasy on top ^_^


My company's new website: We make interactive data visualization for the web. Karta is a data design studio from Utrecht and makes data understandable for everyone.

https://lamasa.de I mainly created it because people kept asking me how I made my DIY smart energy meter, so now I can just redirect them to my website. Have a lot of refining to do on those descriptions though.

I've been thinking lately I should take a look at Gatsby finally add build a blog that goes with my current website. At the moment it's just a list of projects and some contact info.



Yup, with all the other mining operations closing down around the world, the company I mine with is expanding.

This blog is for educational purposes around crypto and mining. Still a work in progress :)

https://anthonyoconnor.ca - Mainly just for my resume and a few blog posts at https://anthonyoconnor.ca/blog


Personal website that I've been wanting to turn into a blog about computational (differential) geometry, applied mathematics, performance optimization and distributed systems.


My name is Bogdan Cornianu and this is my blog where I write technical stuff, do book reviews, post projects I'm working on and also favorite movies and TV shows.


I went super brutalist for fun. I may move back to a more traditional typographic setup but for the moment I think I'll keep it as is.

Note on the photography. Some of the photos are done by a friend => joevenuto.com. He's awesome and looking for interesting gigs.


I like writing, both as an art and as a tool to shape and share ideas. Accordingly, my blog is a rather eclectic mix of topics, from biology and books to Java and Lisp.


It's a blog I write with my brother, dedicated to topics regarding working in a legacy environment while applying agile and software craftsmanship principles

Interesting. Threads like this can also be used for profiling, tracking and analysis of HN readers and active users.

Well, it's a double-edged sword I guess.

P.S. Also there is nothing wrong with self-promotion, assuming you are not shamelessly plugging in irrelevant, low-quality content.


Depends how involved in HN you are already. I have already submitted links to my sites a bunch of sites over the last few years so figured it makes no difference at this point.

Looks like you have too, so what are you waiting for :D

https://www.cnaanaviv.com and http://breapo.com - unfortunately I don't have much time to update.

https://periodix.net/ I'm a developer of the service. We analyze your chances to get freelance projects leveraging AI. So, you will see only relevant jobs for you.

https://vitobotta.com/ - it's my personal blog where I write about stuff like programming (especially Ruby and Rails) and other things I use for development etc.

Oh, why not? If nothing else, it might provoke me to do the second part of the linear typewriters post.

https://rjp.is/blogging/ (powered by Hugo)

There is no coherent theme, I'm afraid.

It's a mixture of programming, travel, observations, and other miscellaneous topics for the past twenty years using a home grown blogging engine: http://boston.conman.org


This is pretty new and has a way to go but I put it out partly to force myself to follow up. "Watch this space" sort of thing. Static hosted.

I just started a blog / website last year @ https://dcaulfield.com. Currently, I'm building up my knowledge of devops and product management.

I welcome any feedback anyone has!

https://abaditya.com/ Started the blog in 2006 to share how-tos, interesting links, movie reviews and the like. Haven't posted there for a while though.

http://www.fabianrios.co/en/ Did everything. I wrote a small CMS in rails + the design and the coding 6 years ago. it still works :)

https://medium.com/@elbrujohalcon Mostly about Erlang development and being a Tech Leader, but there are other things here and there.

Mine is http://liza.io

My last post happens to be more of a life update, but mostly I just blog about my long-running personal project, Go, and other stuff I run into when coding.

I don’t post often. It’s a static site generated with hexo, using the default theme from wintersmith and it’s hosted on cloudfront/S3.


http://johnmathews.eu It's my personal blog, mostly about side projects or what I'm learning. It's been a great mirror to my interests.

https://luizfzs.github.io/ Just a GH page I created to write about solutions to CTFs. Haven't been updated for a few months now.


Personal Website created few months ago to try out different Static site generators. Settled with Hugo. Hoping to write blog soon :-)


Going to probably make another blogpost soon about how I'm so mad at Lenovo's bullshit.


Blog of a mathematician with interests in computation, geometry, open science.


It's been running for 9 years now and I'm getting close to blog post number 400.

Looking forward to the next 400. :)


I just have a few posts right now, mostly related to climbing. Hoping to update the site and write more this year.

Recently finished updating my portfolio - would love to hear some feedback / feel free to get in touch for a chat :)


Hi, nullandvoid. I can't comment about the content on your page, but here's a few comments about the UI, which IMHO perturb the experience.

- As you scroll down, and the gradients shift to yellow, white font based text gets difficult to read

- (On Mobile) the black footer, and headers feel uncanny, and take up reading space. Maybe fixing the header to the top of the page is a better option? Since most people don't mind scrolling to the top to find the nav bar. Kudos for using both text and icons there btw. Regarding the footer, the left side (powered by ?) can go to the bottom of the page since it's not particularly relevant. Also consider making the icon clickable to whatever that thing is. The LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack overflow links could be in the contact section, where you've got linkedin anyway. Or maybe fixed at the top, right above projects section.

All of this is just my personal thoughts, feel free to ignore :)

Hi geraltofrivia - Appreciate the feedback!

I'm certainly aware of the mobile being more clumsy than I had wanted ( spent a lot of time on the desktop and then retrofitted the mobile view which i'm unhappy with :P ).

I will certainly add those points to my TODO list when i'm polishing it up over the next few weeks


Programming and technology, I'm currently working on rebuilding it and new content after a bit of a hiatus

Here's mine http://www.zuenok.com You can click anywhere to refresh. Not working w/o JS, sorry.

https://magardinesh.com.np/ - Just a simple personal site. I am a frontend developer.


I'm pretty much a data/digital jack of all trades and the website probably shows it...

https://www.axfon.com About Tech Tutorial I hope we change more knowledge to share with other people

We probably should have weekly thread for this.


Ps: The blog is under heavy construction.

Here's mine. I definitely don't frequently enough and leave too many drafts unfinished.


http://nithinmurali.github.io a bit on the heavy side and not updated for quite a while.

My personal website for ASP.NET/C# developers https://www.danylkoweb.com/

https://crpwebdev.github.io I'm fullstack dev, writter, blogger and entrepreneur.

https://c306.net Home page is a cluster of links to assortment of apps, blogs, profiles, et al.


Personal blog built with Jekyll, code on Github and hosted on Netlify (all are free)

Looks like the links for the posts are broken.

My blog - 100% bespoke PHP with no frameworks, etc: https://www.jamieweb.net/

I have gopher://zzo38computer.org/ although there are also files accessible by HTTP but not linked from the root of either the HTTP or Gopher.


I mostly write about Drupal, PHP and Javascript. Planning on doing a redesign soon.

Mostly my photos, with a small amount of techie stuff.

Published since 2002.



Been blogging for over 15 years.

Mine - https://palerdot.in

Just a static site that I use as kind of showcase to my personal stuffs.

WP photoblog demoing minimalistic front end (13 KB CSS + 10 KB JS) – https://rado.bg

Just threw this together for my webcomic: http://madeofmistake.com

A few posts, but hey it's mine.


Very little content, but sure: https://www.timboswell.co.uk

Infrequently blog, never really advertised it anywhere.



Personal site: Create react app hosted on Github

http://www.gauravsarin.com/ Personal website

https://cloudnetworking.io :)

I write about cloud networking in general.


Philosophical poetry and stuff. Not very regular.

http://www.sheunlawani.com -> Personal Blog


I like seeing a few domain hacks here!

recently started blogging: https://taimur.me

trying to publish something once a week, either there, or for bigger researched pieces, on Medium (https://medium.com/@taimurabdaal)


My personal website, portfolio and blog

Here's mine https://raybesiga.com


I have one post per year, but anyways.


Tried to keep it simple.


Adventures in making software.


Blog, Portfolio, Resume, Contact


Simple and effective :)

Https://artres.xyz where I write and blog about art tutorials!

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