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The bill in question is COICA – "Combating Online Infringements and Counterfeits Act"

EFF has this to say: The main mechanism of the bill is to interfere with the Internet's domain name system (DNS), which translates names like "www.eff.org" or "www.nytimes.com" into the IP addresses that computers use to communicate. The bill creates a blacklist of censored domains; the Attorney General can ask a court to place any website on the blacklist if infringement is "central" to the purpose of the site.

They go on to list sites which might be affected, including HN's own little darling, Dropbox.

I'm shocked and ashamed that California's own Feinstein appears on this list.

Feinstein has long been known as a censor, an opponent of civil rights and human rights, an open shill for industry, an advocate of unnecessary war, a proponent of police and government against the Bill of Rights and privacy, and generally opposed to the individual or small business whenever government and powerful institutions can be privileged instead.

I wonder often why California insists on keeping her. She almost always votes right on the environment and reproductive rights, I guess. You folks could do a lot better, though.

Let's be clear which industry though, because clearly Internet services are now an industry in themselves.

Why are you shocked? The entertainment industry is centered in Los Angeles.

Maybe you should read up on her, including who her husband has been since 1980. Perhaps then you would be less shocked - hint: hubby does not divide his time between helping widows and orphans, and petting puppies and kittens...

Not only that, but Feinstein is ostensibly the Senator of Silicon Valley, and should know better.

She's also the Senator of Hollywood, though, and traditionally the LA-based media industry has had more clout in California politics than the Bay-Area-based tech industry has.

We should change this.

Technically true, but Feinstein is from NorCal (San Francisco) Boxer is from SoCal (near Riverside). In a big state like CA, there's a bit of an unofficial division of loyalties.

Yes, but it's unofficial enough that a little bit of money can easily reverse it. In practice, state officials will act like the unions' whores and national officials will be cozy with whoever chose to spend time and money on them.

Especially since that state is particularly known for its hostility towards the content industry.

I'm shocked and ashamed that anyone would be shocked and ashamed at Feinstein's support of this. Have you been paying attention?

I'm shocked and ashamed that Russ Feingold appears on this list. I thought him to be an upstanding senator until now.

I hoped he might choose to go out with some of the integrity he showed in his best moments. Feingold left me with mixed feelings but he was always his own man.

Same goes for Sheldon Whitehouse. That was a real disappointment.

Yeah, amazing to see the lone vote against the Patriot Act supporting this crap bill.

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