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Dear Google, you have a chance to do so much good! Don't fritter that opportunity away for easy dollars! We know ads are your cash cow currently, but you seriously have enough cash and talent to generate cash flows from less annoying (and perhaps, useful) things. Have some faith in your people. And above all, please don't be evil, and don't fib.

Dear DuckDuckGo, please can you focus a little less on search, and more on a producing a high quality browser? Seriously, I feel if you want to rid the world of Google's stranglehold, you don't need to make a better search engine, but a better browser. Google has bloated Chrome enough that any alternative that is lightweight, cross platform, with a solid password manager and dev tools would make me jump ship in a flash. Be sure to support PWAs too. And shorten your name - duckduckgo as a name is a bit weird - your new domain, duck.com might be worth doubling down on. Thanks!

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