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What’s frightening is that most people agreed with his views, but weren’t willing to commit to them because of practicality. I of course am one of them.

Decades later, I think we are still at a point where following his ideas come at a very steep price in performance and day to day usage.

For instance any dev that touches an iOs app in any way or form (even if it’s just to run in on test devices) is better off with a mac.

There’s ton of prevalent android apps that won’t work without the Play Store, and even rooting the phone is already seen as an hostile act from many vendors.

The list goes on and on, keeping hardware or software free is still an insane move that needs sizeable sacrifices. And it’s scary there’s no indication of the situation to change for the better.

If you are willing to try, microg mimics play store and apps will work without it. Happy user for ~2 years.


Read faq.

Thanks for the heads up. Definitely checking it out.

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