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Footnote in pg's article makes me wonder what the stats are today. I'd guess Windows down, Mac way up, Linux/FreeBSD about flat [maybe slightly up], but I have no idea.

[2] Y Combinator is (we hope) visited mostly by hackers. The proportions of OSes are: Windows 66.4%, Macintosh 18.8%, Linux 11.4%, and FreeBSD 1.5%. The Mac number is a big change from what it would have been five years ago.

Wow, that the majority is Windows is a bit unexpected to me. Really shows how powerful and omnipresent Windows actually still is - something that is often forgotten when living in certain tech bubbles.

Linux with 11% is quite high, I like that. What seems lower then expected are the Mac numbers to me.

Thanks for sharing.

The linked article, and its footnote quoted above, are from 2005.

Yes, I would expect unix/linux to be the majority now, since that is what people are running on their phones.

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