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Things like this is why it is so important for the web to have multiple browsers available to choose from.

And that's why this announcement should make people switch to alternatives with different engine like FF.

Saying we need multiple browsers, then using chrome or its clone actually makes the situation worse.

Also chrome is no longer snappy as it was initially.

Chrome may or may not be the best browser. But Google properties tying into Chrome as a platform (think sync, extensions, auth, captchas) and making it really difficult to switch away creates a situation where it's not all about choosing the best browser any more. This harkens back to the same anti-competitive monopolistic behavior that Microsoft got sued for in the late 90's.

The best browser isn't the fastest. It's the one you can trust to serve you and not some corporation or government that wants to control what you see and where you go.

Playing devils advocate here, why a different engine is needed? Chrome clone can add webrequest feature too, and it would be much easier to maintain.

The problem with forks is having to chase upstream. The dominant browser can keep making changes with reckless abandon. And the fork has to keep up with those, even if it breaks their own features, lest they become incompatible with the "standard" version.

chasing upstream is a lot easier than chasing web standards and chromes performance, especially if you are only interested in providing more powerful extension api and better ui

Unless you make the fork the dominant browser.

At which point you begin to question what benefit you gained from initially siding with a single engine in the first place.

That's all fine in principle but in practice Web Browsers just like Search Engines is zero sum. Sooner or later it'll just be one.

Then it shouldn't be one controlled by a corporation that is a monopolist in several other markets already.

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