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Txti – Fast web pages for everybody (txti.es)
131 points by lelf 36 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 42 comments

This is really, much faster than pastebin (no captcha) and doesn't require registration like gist.github.com.

I think it should say on the homepage that the content is parsed as markdown (it's in the howto but could be summarized as one word that is starting to be quite universal (even Reddit uses it)).

Very neat, I'm going to use it often, thanks.

edit: yes and HTTPS would be nice, Cloudflare does it for free and automatically for instance (Heroku too and I'm sure many others)

edit2: Also it's removing newlines: http://txti.es/yw35f (should be test and test2 on two lines).

> Also it's removing newlines: http://txti.es/yw35f

That's probably because it uses Markdown for formatting so you need an extra carriage return to actually push it to a new line.

Use 2 spaces at the end of the line where you want a newline:


It seems to be fixed: http://txti.es/pa6yn

I'm using a code block for the new lines (```)

Nice and simple pastebin alt.

May I suggest ability to have simple E2E encryption, so you, the service provider aren't aware of the shared content, thus can reduce legal complications.


* Have a encryption key generated on client side

* Share link will becomes http://txti.es/{POST_ID}/{E2E_KEY}

* You, as service provider, only stores POST_ID and its encrypted content.

* Link sharer passes the complete URL around, which contains the key to unlock the content

* Content are fetched and decrypt on client side

The encryption key should be passed in the fragment portion of the URL like http://txti.es/{POST_ID}#{E2E_KEY}. Else, it's still being sent to the server (and potentially logged or intercepted).

I'm into this---it's kind of like the anti-Medium. Might try and use it for ad-hoc blogging. Maybe an experiment?

The biggest advantage with medium is the visibility of your blog post. Why not just use google blogspot website if all you want is just adhoc blogging?

Blogspot.com is terribly heavyweight and requires JS.

Agree. I find my use case for a small, personal site cum blog perfectly satisfied by Github Pages. Plain HTML and CSS, no Javascript. Now that Github Pages has Let's Encrypt support, there's no need to front it with Cloudflare (though the SSL support right now is not without bugs. The auto-renewal for my domain has been stuck for months now.)

Netlify works for me with SSL and Let's Encrypt. Auto renewal works, I deploy from GitHub and use their CDN. Easy peasy.

Honestly I do perfectly fine with a host and some autogeneration. I have considered just editing the raw HTML and keeping it in git, but it seems a tad pointless.

> cum blog

Eww ;)

Isn't it "come", short for become?


First entry:

> : along with being : AND —used to form usually hyphenated phrases

Thanks for pointing that out! I guess I've once again proven how lacking my understanding of the English language really is.

But that's how it often is as a non native speaker ... Everything is fine until you have the strangest misconception.

Well, technically it's showing a lack of understanding of the Latin language, since "cum" is Latin for "with".

He said anti-medium which meant he was opposed to the visibility too. Also, blogspot is still heavy when it comes to account creation and what not.


Maybe add `https:` to it. Free with letsencrypt.org

What's the need if you're not having any form of credential store?

The password to edit each txti is sent over http, so your ISP could theoretically intercept that.

Comcast injects ads and "customer messages" into unencrypted web pages. I presume they're not the only ones.

Privacy, both in reading and publishing.

Your friend Adam's twitter account was suspended

Very cool. Will use.

One request: could you support "raw" in addition to json, xml, etc? So it would just be the text exactly as entered?

This is so much what the web should be that I almost forgot about Article 13, GDPR and so on.

Does this violate GDPR? You have a delete code .. man this is a long terms of service.

In this particular case only Article 13 could be a problem, but it’s this represents the kind of wonderful things that are becoming impossible because of regulation, walled gardens breaking net neutrality, etc.

Net neutrality is a regulation.

Net neutrality is what the web was like in its early days before it was usurped by commercial interest. Nowadays regulations appear to be the only feasible way to retain net neutrality.

This is cool. People may I request to not squat on good names and being kind citizens?

Question- what are your plans on handling abuse? And what are you requires to store by law?

Similar to https://itty.bitty.site/ which was on hackernews some time ago

I would love the web to be much simpler like this.

This is neat, I would ask to add some basic HTML parsing but it would ruin the experience

The M----rFu---ngWebsite.com was done by that. (Sorry for the inappropriate language)

Cool project. An improvement could be integrating with IPFS.

IPFS is better for larger content (although so is WebTorrent or DAT).

For content small like this, GUN or SSB is better.

Also, Txti supports edits, currently on GUN can do mutable & immutable data - IPFS & others are only immutable.

Are you using any backend library or is it raw php ?

does the markdown also parse code blocks? I can't see it correctly, new lines are stripped.

do double spaces for newlines

Cool stuff, back to the web roots

Love its simplicity!

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